AXITEC Energy AXIblackpremium AC-290M/156-60S (1640x992x35) €0,650W

€ 196,50


AXIblackpremium AC-290M/156-60S (FS35)

AXITEC high-quality solar module

Item no. 27572

including cable (ca. 110 cm) and connector system (IP 67)
stable anodized black alu-frame
high-performance solar cells

!!To avoid stains, please touch the Black-modules only with gloves!!

!!production caused color differences can not be ruled out!!

Vendor item no.: AY10189

Manufacturer: AXITEC Energy

12-year manufacturer guarantee

25-year linear output warranty with

0,5% annual output reduction, whereby

97% nominal output is guaranteed in the first 12 months

Technical Data  
Nominal output 290
Nominal voltage (V) 31.71
Nominal current (A) 9.16
Short-circuit current (A) 9.7
Open-circuit voltage (V) 39.7
System voltage (V) 1000
Cell type monocrystalline
Output tolerance +5 Wp
Length (mm) 1,640
Width (mm) 992
Height (mm) 35
Weight (kg) 18
Cell count vertical 10
Cell count horizontal 6
Cell length (inches) 156
Cell width (inches) 156
Frame type Standard
Certificate 1 IEC/TÜV
Certificate 2 Protection Class 2
Plug type MC4 connectable
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