JA Solar PERC 505Wp Silver White 213 Wp/m² (2093x1134x30mm) 21.3% efficiency | 132 cells | MC4-Evo 2 .0,244W .0,244W

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JA Solar

JA Solar PERC 505Wp Silver White

213 Wp/m² | 2093 x 1134 x 30 mm | 21.3% efficiency | 132 cells | MC4-Evo 2


JA Solar - JAM66S30-505/MR/1500V

Item no..: 0152442
Supplier item: JAM66S30-500/MR  PDF


The JAM66S30-505/MR/1500V panel from JA Solar has a power output of 505 watt-peak. This translates to 213 Wp per square meter of your solar installation and a module efficiency of 21.3%. This single glass module has 3,2mm glass on the front side. The dimensions are 2093 x 1134 x 30 mm and with a weight of 22 kg. One pallet contains 36 pieces, and one container holds 792 pieces.

The JAM54D41-435/LB module has a product warranty of 12 years and a linear power output warranty of 25 years.

JA Solar

JA Solar is a Chinese solar module supplier that is one of the top players in the industry. Due to the company's many years of experience, JA Solar delivers mature products of the highest reliability. JA Solar pursues the goal of enabling as many people and companies as possible to use solar energy.

Silver & White Solar Panel

This solar panel is available in silver & white. This means the solar modules have a silver frame with black cells and a white backsheet. The white backsheet enhances heat dissipation compared to black backsheets, although black/white is mainly chosen for its modern appearance which is suitable on many types of homes and roofs.

PFAS-free production

No PFAS chemicals were used in the production of these JA Solar modules.

JA Solar JAM66S30-500/MR

JA Solar JAM66S30-500/MR

JA Solar JAM66S30-500/MR

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